Friday, August 3, 2007

The Simpsons....The Feast...

So, I didn't cook any of this, but it was too yummy not to share! Last night we went to a Simpson's Movie Feat. Basically, you watch the movie while you're served a fancy 5 course meal, complete with alcohol! What could be better? Well, I'm not exactly the Simpson's freak that DH is, but the movie was funny enough. The food, however, was amazing!

I really wish I had pictures, but we were in a dark theatre, so the menu descriptions will have to do. Trust me, though, it all looked and tasted awesome!!!

Amuse Bouche:
Chief Wiggum's Chili
A Roast Fresno chili stuffed with 5 chile-chili. (Very Hot)
Paired with: Duff Ice

Blinky With Tamacco Sauce
Halibut roast in a Boggy Creek Farm smoked tomato sauce with caviar and white asparagus eyes. (Sooooo Goood)
Paired with: Duff

Pinchy In a Bathtub Broth
Poached lobster in shellfish consomme with leek, celeriac and carrot. (Yummmmm...)
Paired with: Duff

Marge's Pork Chop
A grilled, bacon wrapped, Homer-sized pork chop in Marge's special pork spice blend with a caramel dipped apple, Moe's million dollar birthday fries and roast corn. (This was huge and wonderful. I was so full at this point!)
Paired with: Duff Stout

The Ultimate Donut
Mmmm...Sacrilicious, Donut Casserole, thousands of doughnuts in a casserole soaked in cream and pressed into one, topped with pink icing and sprinkles. (I love donuts, but can never eat more than one. This was like the equivalent of, like, THREE and I polished it off!)
Paired with: Raspberry Duff

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